How Parsons Villas Came to Dominate the Short-Term Rental Market

Scottsdale’s very own Sean and David Parsons are carrying on a family lineage of pioneering the real estate industry. Their firm, named Parsons Villas, isn’t exactly what you’d think of when conjuring the idea of disruptive real estate business models, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. So let’s take a peek inside their world, and we’ll share with you some fascinating insights of how they’ve navigated and pioneered the short-term...

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Keeping Your Property in the Best Condition

How Our Management Team Keeps Your Property in the Best Condition Taking the step to put your property on the market as a vacation rental is an exciting decision. Whether you’re looking to expand your real estate horizons, are hoping to increase your overall revenue or a bit of both, vacation rental are now, more than ever, a wise investment. Just as important as the decision to transition a property...

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