We have already seen how the vacation rental market is thriving, even during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, as the world reopens and travelers are finally able to plan and realize their much-delayed vacation plans at long last, demand for the short-term rental market is only poised to increase. 

In fact, Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the best places to invest in a vacation rental in 2022, according to the hospitality brand AvantStay.

In a recent report, AvantStay reviewed proprietary and survey data to identify the top 25 U.S. cities to buy a vacation home in 2022. The analysis takes into account key growth indicators, such as year-over-year growth, cap rate, population density, cash-on-cash returns and median market price, to calculate each market’s ranking investment score. 

Why invest in the Scottsdale short-term vacation rental market?

Boasting 330 days of zero-humidity sunshine along with the perfect balance of having access to both the beautiful desert terrain for outdoor activities and all of the convenience and best-in-class options that come with a big city lifestyle–such as fine dining, shopping, entertainment and nightlife–Scottsdale is a much-sought-after vacation and retirement and city that offers an excellent quality of life to residents and visitors alike.  

Beyond the immediate benefit of having an influx of vacationers looking for rental homes, investors in Arizona’s short-term rental market enjoy legal protections and can expect 81% occupancy and 21% annual home value growth, according to AvantStay data. Average rental options in Scottsdale range from $300/night for modest three-bedroom homes with private pools, to $1,000/night for five-bedroom estates with gyms and outdoor kitchens.

For those looking to purchase a vacation home, AvantStay predicts that 2022 will be an advantageous year to invest. “After nearly two years of uncertainty, the short-term rental market has truly accelerated throughout the pandemic,” says Sean Breuner, Founder & CEO of AvantStay, in a statement. “We’re seeing travelers, homeowners, and even investors view vacation rentals as a ‘home away from home’ with all the benefits and comforts found within a hotel.”

If you’re a real estate investor who is looking to break into the Scottsdale property market, now is the time. Parsons Real Estate Fund is here to facilitate the process to ensure a return on investment that’s worth your while.  

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