Scottsdale vacation rental firm closes on $9 million in property purchases

Parsons Villas, a Scottsdale-based vacation rental company focusing on luxury homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, closed on three new homes for $9 million, with another $2 million under contract. Plans call for investing between $500,000 and $2 million to renovate each home, with the goal of having them ready by the end of the year, said Sean Parsons, founder and president of Parsons Villas. “Working with the best contractors and...

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Why Short-Term Vacation Rentals are a Smart Investment

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or looking to break into the short-term vacation rental industry for the first time, find out why it’s a smart move to invest in today’s exciting short-term rental market. High Demand It’s currently prime time to invest in and capitalize on the booming short-term vacation rental business. As we’ve already seen how the 2021 vacation rental market is thriving, there has been unprecedented booking demand...

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How Parsons Villas Came to Dominate the Short-Term Rental Market

Scottsdale’s very own Sean and David Parsons are carrying on a family lineage of pioneering the real estate industry. Their firm, named Parsons Villas, isn’t exactly what you’d think of when conjuring the idea of disruptive real estate business models, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. So let’s take a peek inside their world, and we’ll share with you some fascinating insights of how they’ve navigated and pioneered the short-term...

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The 2021 Vacation Rental Market is Thriving

The new normal of travel meets flexible modern day living is here to stay. Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, unprecedented numbers of the global workforce had to quickly transition to working remotely for the first time in recent history, including a peak of 51% of Americans. People across the country and around the world found themselves working and living in the same space, where the lines between home...

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What Makes Vacation Rentals a Safe Investment?

What Makes Vacation Rentals a Safe Investment? Property owners across the country are eager to make positive and profitable investments but knowing where to begin can be a bit daunting. When it comes to stepping into an area of the industry that has long been on the rise, vacation rentals seems to check every box on the list. As travelers move away from traditional hotels, they’re on the hunt for...

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