Vacation Rental Market Growth

The nature of travel itself is changing and with it, the vacation rental market. Where traditional hotels and motels once ruled the industry, in 2020 travelers are engaging in a decisive pattern of consistently picking vacation rentals over hotels. There are a variety of reasons behind this changing face of hospitality. From innovative marketing to more flexibility when it comes to rental properties and customized stays, both rental property owners and the management companies they work with are seeing positive trends that speak volumes to the future of the industry.

One-of-a-Kind Accommodations

Now more than ever, travelers openly value versatility when it comes to vacation accommodations. Where hotels and motels offer up a rather strict model of hospitality, vacation rentals are on the rise thanks to their ability to fit unique standards. From condos and bungalows to sprawling private residences and resort-style destinations, vacation rentals enjoy a flexibility that hotels often don’t when it comes to physical design and options for innovative upgrades. Similarly, where hotel guests are limited to areas of the city zoned for hospitality, vacation rentals can be found throughout a given city, providing visitors with the opportunity to pick and choose between neighborhoods. This versatility also lends itself to providing guests with budget-friendly stays instead of paying for a hotel room that fits within a generalized pricing scheme. Travelers are more frequently found to be taking journeys alongside their pets which can pose a problem when it comes to booking a traditional hotel. Vacation rentals often have the capability to offer up pet-friendly accommodations that appeal to those that can’t imagine a getaway without a canine companion at their side.

Standards of Open Communication

Many travelers that book traditional hotels find themselves frustrated when things go wrong. Company policies and requirements can stand in the way of a quick resolution when issues arise. The experience in a vacation rental tends to be extremely different. As the vacation rental market continues to expand and grow, travelers are noticing that this format allows for open, quick, and efficient communication with property owners and management teams. Many vacation rentals are marketed with a focus on the fact that guests can enjoy 24/7 service if needed in addition to local hot spot recommendations, on-site maintenance, and immediate adjustments in the event expectations aren’t met. This level of personalized service is certainly a prime factor in the vacation rental market’s growth.

Set Your Sights on Scottsdale

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