We’ve seen how the vacation rental industry is experiencing record growth and demand. After a year-plus of living with various restrictions due to Covid-19, people are once again eager to travel or enjoy an extended stay in a vacation rental that can offer all of the comforts of home along with convenient professional services in a fresh atmosphere. However, one may wonder what the differences are between staying in a vacation rental or a hotel when planning a trip. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into five reasons why vacation rentals are a better choice than hotels, below.

1. Plan the Perfect Getaway

Simply put, vacation rentals offer significantly more options than hotels in terms of everything from size and location to service and amenities. 

Parsons Villas offers dozens of luxurious and furnished vacation home rentals that vary in size with such unique features as heated pools, billiards tables, hot tubs, and more, in prime locations next to all the best local activities and attractions.

2. Space & Privacy

No need to deal with noisy neighbors or crowded shared spaces when you have the entire place to yourself with a vacation rental! Luxury and convenience is at the forefront of every Parsons Villas home that can feature a pool, fully-equipped backyard, outdoor spa, game room, gym, and more, where guests are welcome to make themselves at home.

3.  Live Like a Local

From dining and nightlife to cultural attractions and natural wonders, you can experience the area like a true local when having a vacation rental as your home base. Some of the very best local activities and attractions are all easily accessible from any Parsons Villas luxury rental home.

4.  Save Money

Booking a vacation rental can oftentimes be much more cost effective than reserving a hotel, especially when traveling in large groups. A vacation rental home is also more likely to offer greater square footage space compared to smaller-sized hotel rooms that can be as, or if not more, pricey in prime locations. 

5.  Great for Kids & Pets

Opting for a vacation rental home welcomes the perfect opportunity to host family or a large group. Rentals offer the necessary space for kids and even pets to run around and have fun, while adults can find quiet time to unwind in separate areas of the property.